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This global data visualization software puts state-of-the-science environmental and socioeconomic data sets on the user's desktop and offers a quick look at complex issues through the rapid integration of geostatistics, map imagery, textual resources, and plotting tools. Statistical databases include the World Resources Institute Database and the CIA World Factbook Database. Any variable from either database can be instantly visualized as a dynamic color-coded world map. Data can be retrieved and plotted as histograms, scatterplots and other standard graphical displays. A suite of thematic maps provides 5 arc minute renditions of Earth science data products derived from NASA, USGS, International Global Biosphere Programme, and other sources. Thematic maps include elevation and depth, population density, USGS Land Cover, night lights, national and sub-national political boundaries, maximum greenness, mean annual temperature, and mean annual precipitation. Textual resources include a searchable database of environmental treaties and country studies. Supported with a suite of projections, the user may view the world in geographic, Interrupted Goode Homolosine, Robinson, or orthographic projection.

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