Oceanography from the Space Shuttle

Robert Simmon, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center, Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)

A joint project between the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the Office of Naval Research, Oceanography from the Space Shuttle is a pictorial survey of oceanic phenomena visible to the naked eye from space. Originally published in book form in 1989, it is now only available on this web site. The chapters, preceded by a general introduction and each accompanied by an abstract and thumbnail preview images, include: The Coastal Scene, Islands, Local Winds, Waves, Ship Wakes, Pollution at Sea, Spiral Eddies, and Suloys. Several appendices further detail human observation of oceanographic phenomena from space, the photographic requirements involved, the shuttle flights that provided the images, and a list of recommended readings. A link to Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center's (DAAC) Ocean Color Data Web Site is also provided.

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