Paleos: The Trace of Life on Earth

M. Kazlev, Paleos

Paleos is a highly annotated, illustrated, interactive geologic timescale. The website contains detailed descriptions of scientific terms and time periods as well as biological and geological evolution. Users can follow links to paleontology, evolution, geochronology, earth systems, systematics, life on earth, ecology, the geologic timescale and news.

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Part of the Starting Point collection. The Starting Point collection includes resources addressing the needs of faculty and graduate students designing, developing, and delivering entry-level undergraduate courses in geoscience.

Starting Point

Subject: Biology, Geoscience:Paleontology
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)
Topics: Time/Earth History, Biosphere
Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Paleontology