Burd Run Interdisciplinary Watershed Research Laboratory

Geography & Earth Science Dept., Shippensburg University

The Burd Run Interdisciplinary Watershed Research Laboratory at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania (SU) is a cooperative effort among 13 faculty from the Departments of Geography-Earth Science, Biology, and Teacher Education. The goal of the laboratory is to provide intensive undergraduate field training through collection and analysis of related hydrologic, geologic, biologic, and geographic data from a single watershed, establish a comprehensive statistical and spatial watershed database using a geographic information system, use the accumulated data for student investigations in a wide variety of environmentally related courses, and facilitate similar approaches at other institutions. The project involves equipment acquisition; continuous monitoring of hydrology, water quality, and meteorology; and data collection and analysis in various undergraduate courses. This website is the homepage for the Burd Run Interdisciplinary Watershed Research Laboratory. Users can follow links to a project summary, watershed description and data, GIS data, research projects, curricular material, articles and maps and photos related to the laboratory.

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