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ZAMG - Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics

This collection of meteorological tutorials comes from the Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG) in Vienna, Austria. The ZAMG has a broad range of research and publication activities, from daily forecasts to earthquake and geomagnetic research. This collection covers many weather phenomena, explaining behavior and relationships in hyperlinked lessons that feature many diagrams and satellite pictures. General topics include cold fronts, warm fronts, occlusion, baroclinic boundaries, substructures in fronts, cyclogenesis, and many more, each of which is explored at great depth. Linked from the tutorial pages are case studies that examine phenomena on specific days, using observations and satellite imagery.

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Part of the Starting Point collection. The Starting Point collection includes resources addressing the needs of faculty and graduate students designing, developing, and delivering entry-level undergraduate courses in geoscience.

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