Educational Technology & Society

Information System Department, College for Business, Massey University

Educational Technology & Society publishes academic articles on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators who implement and manage such systems. The articles discuss the perspectives of both communities and their relation to each other. The aim of the journal is to help educators better understand each other's role in the overall process of education and how they may support each other. The scope of the journal is very broad and topics range from architectures for educational technology systems to web based instruction and training. Users can access past and current issues of the journal as well as find information on submitting articles to the journal.

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Part of the Starting Point collection. The Starting Point collection includes resources addressing the needs of faculty and graduate students designing, developing, and delivering entry-level undergraduate courses in geoscience.

Starting Point

Grade Level: Graduate/Professional
Research on Learning: Assessment, Instructional Design:Use of Technology