Touring Colorado Geology: Parfet Prehistoric Preserve

John Ghist, Platte Canyon High School

This site contains several outcrop photos of the Upper Cretaceous Laramie Formation from the Parfet Prehistoric Preserve. Exceptionally-preserved, 70 Million year-old dinosaur tracks, palm frond impressions and raindrop impressions are featured on this site. Specific topics include Cretaceous climate, vertebrates, ceratopsian and hadrosaur footprints, burrows, mudrock, sandstone and cast formation. Additional information and photographs are obtained by clicking on the top page photos.

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Subject: Biology, Geoscience:Geology
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Focus on the Cretaceous: Places-Cretaceous Geology, Paleontology, Stratigraphy
Topics: Earth surface, BiosphereKeywords: stratigraphy, sedimentary structures, fossils