Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology: Forecast ENSO Conditions

Director of Meteorlogy; Bureau of Meteorology

The site includes easily understood El Nino and La Nina forecasts. The forecasts are summaries of the Australian National Climate Centre's opinion regarding the outputs from various reputable oceanic or coupled ocean/atmosphere forecast models. NCC's interpretation may not necessarily be the same as the organizations producing the model output. Readers are therefore encouraged to follow the hyperlinks to the various institutions listed in the table. Some of the models are regarded as experimental, and most are subject to regular revision and update with the aim of continuous improvement. However, they represent the state-of-the-art as far as dynamic and statistical ENSO prediction systems are concerned and are useful guidance up to about nine months. One of the useful features of this site is that it displays predictions of several major models together, allowing for a simple overview of the forecasts. This site is part of the larger Commonweath Bureau of Meterology website.

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