Virtual Field Trip to the Austin Chalk Group

Jason Lundquist

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This virtual field trip explores the Upper Cretaceous, Austin Chalk Group and provides visitors with an understanding of the geology of central Texas. Visitors can access information about any formation within the Austin Chalk Group by clicking on a portion of the stratigraphic column. Descriptions, photographs, fossil content and environmental interpretations of each unit are provided. Specific topics include the geology of central Texas, Atco Formation, Vinson Chalk, Jonah Formation, Dessau Chalk, Burditt Marl, Pflugerville Formation and the historical development of regional stratigraphic nomenclature.

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Subject: Biology, Geoscience:Geology
Resource Type: Activities, Virtual Field Trip
Focus on the Cretaceous: Stratigraphy, Places-Cretaceous GeologyKeywords: stratigraphy, carbonate, foraminifera, Inoceramus, Exogyra, clams, gastropods