WorldWatcher Software

Daniel Edelson, Louis Gomez, Northwestern University, Northwestern University

WorldWatcher is scientific visualization software for geospatial data, and is available for both Macintosh and Windows. The software provides an environment for students to explore, interpret and analyze scientific data in a manner which allows them to emulate the work of actual scientists. WorldWatcher contains data libraries for earth energy balance, climate, physical geography and human geography. In addition, users can import their own data into WorldWatcher using a standard spreadsheet format. WorldWatcher provides users with diagrammatic interfaces for accessing data and graphically displaying the relationships among variables. For example, two-dimensional global data is displayed in the form of color maps. WorldWatcher is an useful learning tool that provides many of the features of visualization environments designed for scientific researchers. The software is available for a free download.

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Earth System Topics: Solid Earth, Biosphere, Climate, Surface Processes, Hydrology, Atmosphere, Human Dimensions, Oceans
Science Background Required: Broadly accessible
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