Arthropod Diversity and Evolution - An After School Program

Joel Martin, Natural History Museum

This website provides information required for a hands-on program that enables students to work alongside active museum curators, postdoctoral researchers, and collection managers. The programs will teach students to identify, classify, and curate scientific specimens while exploring related issues such as adaptation, biological classification, biodiversity, and evolution. Some aspects of this learning experience include: tours of the museum displays that highlight or include arthropods, behind-the-scenes tours of arthropod collections, interaction with museum curators and collection managers, active participation in fieldwork, lecture and lab sessions. This is a five-week course and lesson plans are provided for each week, including specific information on field trips and laboratory projects. The online resource center provided on this website allows students to search the documents by category or using keywords. This resource is part of the Biocomplexity collection.

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