Lake Ontario BioComplexity Study

New York Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

The Lake Ontario Biocomplexity Study is a multi-faceted project focusing on ecological research at a wide range of both spatial and temporal scales. This project concentrates on the distinct and enclosed freshwater bays and lake-level lagoons (embayments) along the New York coast of Lake Ontario including the associated watersheds, wetlands, and human factors. The goals of this research are to develop watershed hydrologic simulation capability, model land use and land cover, and develop a hydrodynamic simulator to model water exchange between Lake Ontario and the bay ecosystems. This website is the homepage for this research effort and provides a variety of information, including access to data sets, detailed information on specific study sites, research reports and abstracts, and an extensive list of regional and international biocomplexity web resources. This resource is part of the Biocomplexity collection.

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