Ground Water Atlas of the United States

This United States Geological Survey (USGS) series of print publications describes the location, the extent, and the geologic and hydrologic characteristics of the important aquifers in the United States. Following an Atlas Introduction and Summary, each of 13 chapters describes the principle aquifer(s) of a given region, beginning with an overview of climate, hydrogeology, physiography, and water budget statistics. The actual aquifer descriptions that follow are linked to numerous maps and supplementary cross sections, block diagrams, charts, graphs and photographs. The maps depict aquifer location and extent, thickness, potentiometric surface, general water chemistry, flow-system and movement, human usage, and where data are available - changes in aquifer water levels and/or water chemistry over time. Correlation charts list the geologic formations that compose the aquifer, while hydrogeologic sections describe the potential uses and concerns associated with various aquifers based on their formation and chemical history. Hydrographs show fluctuations in aquifer water levels. The block diagrams and cross sections describe positional relationships between aquifers. Photographs are used to show special hydrogeologic conditions or the results of aquifer development. Lastly for each region, special conditions caused by human activities are discussed and followed by an extensive reference list. In addition to the regional chapters, Aquifer Basics (accessed from the Archives page) provides background information on aquifer types (e.g., unconsolidated-deposit, semiconsolidated deposit, sandstone, carbonate-rock, sandstone and carbonate, or volcanic) and provides direct links (by name) to principal aquifers that exemplify each type. Finally, links from this page lead to the National Atlas Aquifers map and related materials, while links from the main page connect to main USGS sites for water resources and ground water information.

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