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This site houses a module on Water Quality. The module is designed to be informative and interactive. Students are presented with a simulated situation where their newest client, who owns a catch and release fishing guide service, is upset over the fact that the fish in a stretch of "Bear Creek" have been dying. The client has called on the student's firm to figure out what is killing the fish in that section of Bear Creek, and how to stop it. Preliminary fieldwork has been done on Bear Creek and is available for the student's analysis. The biological, chemical, and physical data for this watershed are realistic values based on data found in similar situations. The data are listed in tables, and are also available to the students for download into a spreadsheet. Guided lectures on the hydrosphere, water pollution, and water quality assessment are provided, as well as a link to another module on a real watershed. For additional aides, a site glossary, reference information, a listing of related links, and a model outline of the steps to follow for the Problem Based Learning (PBL) situation are given. As this module is part of the online series of Exploring the Environment (ETE), teachers interested in using this site will have to register for a free password in order to gain access to the Teacher's Pages. This can be done through the ETE's homepage, http://www.cotf.edu/ete/.

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