Meteorology Education and Training: Case Study Template


The Case Study Template (CST) is a PC-based software tool for creating computer-based case studies. It is intended for use by educators, trainers, and scientists as a lecture aid, a tool for creating laboratory exercises and self-paced learning programs, and a graphical interface for scientific presentations and training. Completed case studies can be distributed over a network or on CDs or the Web. The CST consists of a set of templates for creating title, menu, and section screens. The sections can be used to display unique time periods, locations, events, or sets of products, etc. Each section can contain product groups with accompanying products (satellite, radar, observations, etc.) and product descriptions, pages of information, questions for learners to answer (made from a choice of 6 templates), directions, and links to related programs, such as Web sites and tutorials. The Template comes with all of the files required for creating a case study, including the runtime files for Asymetrix ToolBook 11, the authoring language used to create the Case Study Template. (Asymetrix ToolBook 11 itself is not required.)

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