LEARN: Atmospheric Science Explorers

Tim Spangler, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research/Office of Education and Outreach

LEARN was created to increase middle school science teacher knowledge of and interest in the atmospheric sciences. The original project began in 1991 with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF). Much of the instructional and science content foundation for the LEARN workshops came from the teaching modules developed by LEARN teachers in collaboration with more than 60 National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) scientists. The three hardcopy modules included background information, hands-on activities using simple materials, and authentic assessment tools. The modules (Ozone in Our Atmosphere, Atmospheric Dynamics, and Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere) were not designed to replace existing curricula or textbooks. Rather, they were intended to enhance earth and physical science programs by incorporating atmospheric science concepts. These modules were created by teachers for teachers. Thus far, one of these modules, Cycles of the Earth and Atmosphere, is available in a web-based format . The seven sections include introductions to the atmosphere, climate, ozone, stratospheric ozone and tropospheric ozone, the "greenhouse effect" and global climate change. Each section provides background information, general learning concepts, and a list of classroom activities.

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