Fundamentals of Physical Geography

Michael Pidwirny, University of British Columbia

The Fundamentals of Physical Geography website is designed to be a free online textbook for University and College students studying introductory Physical Geography. Version 1.0 of Fundamentals of Physical Geography contains over three hundred pages of information and more than four hundred 2-D illustrations, photographs, and animated graphics. Besides having the traditional text and 2-D graphics, this information source also has a number of animated graphics, an interactive glossary of terms, a study guide, web pages with links to other Internet resources related to Physical Geography, and a search engine to find information on the Fundamentals of Physical Geography website. The current purpose of this work is to supplement the printed textbooks used in Universities and Colleges with an information source that is interactive and rich in multimedia. The comprehensive table of contents includes chapters on: Introduction to Physical Geography, Maps, Remote Sensing, and GIS, The Science of Physical Geography, Introduction to Systems Theory, The Universe, Earth, Natural Spheres, and GAIA, Energy and Matter, Introduction to Meteorology and Climatology, Introduction to Hydrology, Introduction to Biogeography and Ecology, Introduction to Geology, and Introduction to Geomorphology

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Subject: Geoscience:Geology
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14)