The World's Water: Information on the World's Freshwater Resources

The World's Water is dedicated to providing up-to-date water information, data, and web connections to organizations, institutions, and individuals working on a wide range of global freshwater problems and solutions. This site complements and supplements the book The World's Water: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources, by Peter H. Gleick, Island Press, Washington, D.C. The section on Water Data includes tables and charts on such subjects as Total Renewable Freshwater Supply by Country, Freshwater Withdrawal by Country and Sector, Access to Safe Drinking Water in Developing Countries by Region, Hydroelectric Capacity and Production by Country, 1996, Waterborne Disease Outbreaks in the United Sates, Access to Sanitation in Developing Countries by Region, and others. Maps on Sanitation Coverage and Populations Without Access to Drinking Water can also be accessed. A large list of links is also included, including links to databases, water publications, articles and reports, commercial sites, governmental, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations and associations, university and educational institutions, and conservation measures. Also included is an Environmental and Security Water Conflict Chronology.

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Health Topics: Waterborne Transport Processes, Epidemiology and Risk Analysis
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