International Research Institute for Climate Prediction/ Lamont- Doherty Earth Observatory Climate Data Library

This site offers interactive manipulation of data holdings within the Climate Data Library of the International Research Institute for Climate Prediction/ Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (IRI/LDEO). Introductory and instructional pages are found in the sections Finding Data, Maproom, and Mastering the Data Library. With an emphasis on atmospheric and oceanographic data, the Library includes datasets pertaining to rivers, solar radiation, paleoclimatology, geography, and geology. Data searches can be conducted by keywords (Dataset Searches), by Category, or by the local dataset name (Sources). The server is able to deliver the data in a variety of ways: as data files, as tables, and in a variety of plots (line, contour, color, vector) and plot formats (PostScript and gif). Processing of the data, particularly averaging and sampling, can be requested as well. Once selected, clicking on any dataset's References will provide the user with its metadata and variables, while clicking on its Preview will initiate the interactive Data Viewer. The Viewer interface allows the user to make plots, tables, and files from the dataset, its subsets, or processed versions thereof. Figure controls enable manipulation of both static and animated datasets through such options as format, view, and magnification. Beyond these simple Viewer capabilities, incrementally more advanced use of the Data Library is detailed in the Use pages of the Data Library - Overview section. Help with the Viewer is available from the Viewer interface itself, while a help page for data options and variables is available on any dataset's metadata page. General Assistance with the Library is found throughout the primary Data Library pages. Finally, queries may also be sent by e-mail directly to IRI.

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