Earth Observatory Global Maps

Yoram Kaufman, NASA

The Earth Observatory data and images page provides an interactive way to view some of the dynamic processes on our planet. For a variety of datasets, users select the time period, and the data is then displayed as colors on a world map. Data can be displayed for a single time period or over a range of time, producing an animation. For example, the snow and ice cover dataset shows the advance and retreat of snow cover and sea ice as the seasons progress. Most of the datasets begin in 1978 and extend to the present. Data is arranged into topics of atmosphere, oceans, land, life on earth, and heat and energy. Within each category are several more specific categories to chose from, such as precipitation, vegetation, fires, ozone and outgoing heat radiation. These images would be very useful in presentations. There is also an image archive featuring fascinating high-resolution imagery of various events and processes from all over the globe.

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