Microbial Diversity of Soda Lake Habitats

Susanne Baumgarte, Technischen Universitat Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig

This dissertation details the microbial diversity of soda lake habitats. To preface the research, the author includes a table displaying world-wide distribution of soda lakes and soda deserts, a summary of conditions necessary for the formation of soda lake environments, biotechnological uses of microbial communities in alkaline habitats, and an in-depth introduction to the microbial diversity of soda lakes. Included in the methods section of the research are protocols for DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cloning of amplified 16S rDNA, 16S rDNA sequencing, DNA hybridization, and amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA). Although title and introductory pages are in German, the main text is written in English.

Subject: Biology:Diversity, Ecology:Metabolism, Biology:Biogeochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology:Methods of Microbiology :Molecular Methods, Biology:Microbiology, Ecology:Symbiotic Relations:Mutualism
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Extreme Environments: Alkaline
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