Using ConcepTests to Assess and Improve Student Conceptual Understanding in Introductory Geoscience Courses
D.A. McConnell, D.N. Steer, K. Owens, W. Borowski, J. Dick, A. Foos, J.R. Knott, M. Malone, H. McGrew, S. Van Horn, L. Greer, P.J. Heaney 2006 Journal of Geoscience Education v54 n1 p61

The authors describe the creation and use of a large body of ConcepTest questions in a wide variety of geoscience classes. They examine the design of the questions, their implementation in class, and the learning gains attributed to their use. Assessment of their effectiveness is measured using the Geoscience Concept Inventory and other qualitative measures. Reported benefits include increased attendance,
improved student satisfaction, and enhanced student

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