Revolution in Earth and Space Science Education

Daniel Barstow, Ed Geary, Center for Earth and Space Science Education, TERC

The National Science Foundation funded a National Conference on the Revolution in Earth and Space Science Education to explore the nature and scope of this revolution, and to develop an action plan for long-term change in Earth and space science education throughout the nation. The conference took place June 21-24, 2001, with the participation of 60 key stake-holders, including experts in science, education and representatives from state and federal government agencies. The conference featured presentations on educational projects with cutting-edge curricula, technology and professional development. It also focused on the challenges of large-scale reform in earth and space science education. Working groups looked at ways to change the content and methods of earth and space science education, and ways to greatly expand the number of students learning earth and space science at elementary, middle- and high-school levels. The meeting report, entitled Blueprint for Change, is available as a pdf file download.

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