Histological Analysis of an Outbreak of QPX Disease in Wild Hard Clams Mercenaria mercenaria in New York

Alistair D. M. Dove, Paul R. Bowser, Robert M. Cerrato, Journal of Aquatic Animal Health

This Journal of Aquatic Animal Health scholarly article assesses the extent and intensity of Quahog Parasite X (QPX), a disease found in hard clams in the fishery area of Raritan Bay, New York. Histological examination revealed an overall QPX rate of 5.8% , with an additional 5.1% of clams showing inflamed lesions suggestive of QPX infection but with no observed QPX organisms. This article also notes the significant proportion of visceral infections and is the first to report the appearance of the pathogen in the gonads of clams. Visceral infections are of concern for fisheries because they involve significantly larger numbers of parasites and higher biomass than mantle-only infections.

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