The Connected Chemistry Modeling Environment: Incorporating Interactive Simulations into the Chemistry Classroom
M. Stieff, and U. Wilensky 2003 Journal of Science Education and Technology v12(3), p285-302

This paper describes and assesses connected chemistry, a modeling and simulation package that is implemented inside the StarLogoT and NetLogo modeling environments. Connected chemistry provides an inquiry-based learning environment where students observe and explore modeled submicro-level interactions. It emphasizes conceptual reasoning about chemistry problems so students can develop a deeper understanding of chemistry concepts and processes in the classroom and laboratory. This paper also aims to identify possible ways in which the learning environment might help improve student understanding and application of chemistry concepts, particularly chemical equilibrium. Included are segments of interviews with students using connected chemistry.

Subject: Chemistry, Education
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Journal Article
Research on Learning: Assessment, Instructional Design:Inquiry-Based Learning, Use of Technology, Affective Domain:Learning Environments