Development and Validation of an Instrument for Assessing the Learning Environment of Outdoor Science Activities
N. Orion, A. Hofstein, P. Tamir, and G.J. Gidding 1997 Science Education. 81(2), 161-171

This study was conducted to describe the development and validation of Science Outdoor Learning Environment Inventory (SOLEI), an instrument used to assess science learning environments on field trips. SOLEI has seven scales related to dimensions of the field site environment. In Israel, a 643 high school student sample participated in biology, chemistry and earth science field trips that were integrally related to their studies. The results of this study reinforce the positive effects of good field trip preparation and the investigative, as opposed to confirmatory, approach to field learning. It suggests that SOLEI is a good measure of the extent of student involvement in learning on field trips.

Subject: Education:Assessment, Geoscience:Geology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Journal Article
Research on Learning: Assessment:Classroom Methods, Meta-Analysis, Instructional Design:Constructivism, Affective Domain:Learning Environments, Ways Of Learning:In the Field, Instructional Design:Teaching in the Field