Research methodologies in science education; visualization and the geosciences
J. Libarkin, and C. Brick 2002 Journal of Geoscience Education 50(4), 449-455

This article addresses the use of visualizations in geoscience education. It traces the technological advancement of visualizations from static materials to animations and interactive models. It observes that the development and validation of tools for the assessment of visualization in the earth sciences is a relatively untouched field of study and goes on to suggests future research on spatial and visualization skills in Earth Sciences.

Subject: Geoscience:Hydrology:Ground Water:Water quality/chemistry , Geoscience:Hydrology:Surface Water:Water Quality/Chemistry
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Journal Article
Special Interest: Spatial Thinking
Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Use of Technology, Instructional Design, Assessment, Spatial Intelligence:Spatial Representations Of Data , Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning, Ways Of Learning
Topics: Hydrosphere/Cryosphere:Groundwater:Water quality/chemistry, Hydrosphere/Cryosphere:Surface Water:Water Quality/Chemistry