A New Order for Mechanics
P. Laws 1997 Proceedings of the Conference on Introductory Physics Course. Wiley 125-136

This paper describes a project to restructure the introductory physics mechanics curriculum to present Newton’s Laws in a more logical sequence. The curriculum is based on the use of direct experience coupled with Microcomputer-Based Laboratory (MBL) tools. Further testing of this new curriculum needs to be done before reaching firm conclusions about its impact on learning.

Subject: Physics:Education Practices:Curriculum Development, Physics:Classical Mechanics:Newton's Third Law, Newton's Second Law, Newton's First Law, Education
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Overview/Reference Work, Conference Proceedings
Research on Learning: Instructional Design:Scaffolding, Use of Technology, Ways Of Learning:Active/Kinesthetic/Experiential, Cognitive Domain:How information is organized:Mental models