The differential susceptibility of topographic map interpretation to influence from training
M. Eley 1993 Applied Cognitive Psychology 7(1), 23-42

This study appraises the extent to which subjects' implementation of map to landsurface matching is task-determined or influenced by training. Study subjects comprised three groups of 19 early undergraduate students with very basic contour line knowledge or experience. They completed map tasks involving matching maps to land surfaces. Results suggest that using imagery for mentally representing the shape of mapped landsurfaces is task-determined, but the processes employed in manipulating that representation are more determined by training influence and map-user predisposition.

Subject: Education, Psychology, Geoscience:Geology:Geomorphology
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Special Interest: Spatial Thinking
Research on Learning: Spatial Intelligence:3D, Spatial Representations Of Data , Maps, Ways Of Learning:Visual Learning
Topics: Earth surface, Education