Complete genome sequence of Vibrio fischeri: A symbiotic bacterium with pathogenic congeners

E. G. Ruby, M. Urbanowski, J. Campbell, A. Dunn, M Faini, R. Gunsalus, P. Lostroh, C. Lupp, J. McCann, D. Millikan, A. Schaefer, E. Stabb, A. Stevens, K. Visick, C. Whistler, E. P. Greenberg, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

This PNAS scholarly article reports the genome sequence of V. fischeri ES114, which enters into a mutualistic symbiosis in the light organ of the bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes. V. fischeri belongs to Vibrionaceae, a large family of marine -proteobacteria that includes several dozen species known to engage in a diversity of beneficial or pathogenic interactions with animal tissue. Analysis of this sequence reveals surprising parallels with V. cholerae and other pathogens. A subscription to PNAS may be required to access the full text of this article.

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