Plant Uptake Response to Metals and Nitrate in Simulated Uranium Mill Tailings Contaminated Groundwater
D.J Baumgartner, E.P. Glenn, R.O. Kuehl, T.L. Thompson, J.F. Artiola, S.E. Menke, R.A. Sarr, G.S. Moss, M.A. Algharaibeh 2000 Water, Air and Soil Pollution v118 p115-129

This article in Water, Air and Soil Pollution provides results from a study that simulated metal (manganese, molybdenum, selenium and uranium) concentrations found at ten inactive uranium ore milling sites. The study determined plant tissue levels after a controlled 90 day growth period. Most of the plants showed an increased accumulation of each metal, with some accumulations reaching unacceptable levels.

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