Osteology of Tyrannosaurus rex: Insights from a Nearly Complete Skeleton and High-Resolution Computed Tomographic Analysis of the Skull
Christopher A. Brochu 2003 Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Memoir 7

This memoir contains the longest description of Tyrannosaurus rex osteology to date in a comprehensive description of the Field Museum specimen "Sue." The text includes neural analysis from CT-scans, morphology commentary, and paleopathology analysis. Detailed imaging can be found on a CD associated with the publication.

ISSN 0272-4634

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Subject: Biology:Evolution, Geoscience:Paleontology:Development/Growth and Form/Morphometrics , Education
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Topics: Education, Biosphere:EvolutionKeywords: osteomyelitis, trauma, Elizabeth Rega, Black Hills Institute, Hell Creek Formation