A Study of Junior High Students' Perceptions of the Water Cycle
Orit Ben-zvi-Assarf, Nir Orion September, 2005 Journal of Geoscience Education v53 p366

This study explored junior high school students' perceptions of the water cycle. The findings indicated that the students understand various hydro-bio-geological processes, but most of them lack dynamic, cyclic, and systemic perceptions of the system. This study implies the need for further research about the cognitive abilities of junior high students to deal with cyclic-systems thinking, and the need to explore activities that might develop or stimulate such abilities. The study also suggests that in order to provide future citizens with the tools necessary to deal with their environment, science education should emphasize the study of natural cycles within the context of their influence on people's daily lives as opposed to isolating them in specific scientific domains.

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Subject: Education, Geoscience:Hydrology, Geology:Sedimentary Geology
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