Review of the Multiple Accounts Analysis Alternatives Evaluation Process Completed for the Reclamation of the Zortman and Landusky Mine Sites

S.C. Shaw, A.MacG Robertson, W.C. Maehl, J. Kuipers, Robertson GeoConsultants Inc.

This 17-page PDF describes the MAA process and the rationale developed to prioritize the remediation measures and evaluate the various reclamation alternatives that could be used in the project that is currently on-going at the Zortman and Landusky gold mines in the Little Rocky Mountains of north-central Montana. A process called the Multiple Accounts Analysis (MAA) was selected to evaluate the various alternatives for reclamation. This process provides a clear, transparent and defensible framework that has enabled relative ranking of various alternatives, as well as the prioritization of interim remediation measures aimed at optimizing the degree of remediation attainable with the limited financial resources available.

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