Geology Online Laboratory Manual

P. Gore, Georgia Perimeter College

The 16 labs in this manual cover specific subjects from a range of topics including mineralogy, sedimentology, litho- and biostratigraphy, vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, relative dating, and geologic map interpretation. Labs contain reference text, photos, illustrations, diagrams, and classification charts which prepare students for the accompanying exercises. Answers are not provided and labs are not designed for online interaction, but hard copies of the lab manual are available for purchase from the Georgia Perimeter College Online Bookstore. A link from the site provides ordering information and instructions.

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Subject: Geoscience:Geology:Sedimentary Geology:Sedimentary Textures , Geoscience:Geology:Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Sedimentary Geology:Stratigraphy:Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Geoscience:Geology:Sedimentary Geology:Depositional environments, Geoscience:Geology:Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology:Metamorphic Rocks, Geoscience:Geology:Sedimentary Geology:Weathering, Geoscience:Geology:Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology:Igneous Rocks, Geoscience:Geology:Mineralogy:Physical Properties, Geoscience:Geology:Mineralogy
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Grade Level: College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)
Topics: Earth surface:Sedimentary Geology:Stratigraphy:Lithostratigraphy, Earth surface:Sedimentary Geology:Sedimentary Textures , Time/Earth History, Earth surface:Sedimentary Geology:Stratigraphy:Biostratigraphy, Solid Earth:Mineralogy, Earth surface:Sedimentary Geology:Weathering, Depositional environments, Solid Earth:Petrology:Igneous Rocks , Solid Earth:Mineralogy:Physical Properties, Solid Earth:Petrology:Metamorphic Rocks, Solid Earth:Petrology
Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Mineralogy, Sedimentary Geology, Petrology