Virtual Journey into the Cretaceous Seas of South Dakota

Everhart Mike, Oceans of Kansas, Sternberg Museum of Natural History

This site offers a virtual tour of the South Dakota Museum of Geology emphasizing the Cretaceous marine reptile collection. Numerous, high resolution photographs of mosasaurs, elasmosasaurs (plesiosaurs) and other marine fauna are presented with information and references relevant to each specimen. The tour features a 29 foot long mosasaur skeleton, a 4 foot long mosasaur skull, 10 cm long teeth, fossil mosasaur stomach contents as well as other marine fauna recovered from South Dakota. The fauna presented in this collection are good examples of the marine life that flourished in Cretaceous oceans.

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Subject: Biology
Resource Type: Audio/Visual:Images/Illustrations
Focus on the Cretaceous: Paleontology