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New Millennium Observatory (NeMO), Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

This site is a digital curriculum developed by the New Millennium Observatory, a seafloor observatory at the Axial Volcano along the Juan de Fuca ridge in the Pacific Ocean. The curriculum, titled “The Case of the Missing Rumbleometer”, is an interactive deep-ocean mystery based on daily reports from expeditions at sea and results from NeMO. The curriculum is divided into four parts: Part 1: Introduction and Background Information which features a general overview of mid-ocean ridge systems with plate tectonics, black smokers, chemosynthesis, and ecosystems information, Part 2: Classroom activities, Part 3: Movies and Animations, and Part 4: Keys for Teachers. The curriculum can be downloaded and specific system requirements are outlined on the site. The site also provides further NeMO links and additional resources for teachers, including a teacher-at-sea logbook from the most recent NeMO expedition and outside links related to hydrothermal venting and oceanographic research.

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Theme: Teach the Earth:Course Topics:Oceanography, Hydrology/Hydrogeology, Geophysics, Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:WaterKeywords: oceanography, mid-ocean ridge, spreading center, black smoker, movies, hydrothermal vents, Axial volcano