Cyanide Leach Mining Packet

Mineral Policy Center

This information packet provides a variety of resources about the use of cyanide in mining. Included are a fact sheet about cyanide from the Mineral Policy Center, an introduction from the paper 'Cyanide Uncertainties: Observations on the Chemistry, Toxicity, and Analysis of Cyanide in Mining-Related Waters,' a diagram of the heap-leach process, a Washington Post article about the cyanide spill in Romania, a cyanide fact sheet from The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and excerpts from 'Poisoned Profits: Cyanide Heap Leach Mining and its Impacts on the Environment.' Also included is the Environmental Protection Agency�s Toxic Release Inventory which shows the 1998 releases of cyanide compounds and hydrogen cyanide, and a list of suggested readings.

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