Pre-/Post-Knowledge Assessment of an Earth Science Course for Elementary/Middle School Education Majors
David Gosselin, Joy Maklem-Hurst 2002 Journal of Geoscience Education v50 n2 p169-176

This article describes a course for elementary and middle school education majors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The course is designed to give these students experience in the active learning approach to science education. The authors of the study developed an assessment tool that allowed them to determine the success of this class in improving the content knowledge of the students and showed an average gain of 30%.

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Subject: Education:Assessment
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Research Results, Journal Article
Grade Level: College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)
Research on Learning: Instructional DesignKeyword: geoscience education; undergraduate education; testing and evaluation; Geoscience - teaching and curriculum