New York State Museum: GIS

New York State Museum

This site from The New York State Museum features a compilation of regional and statewide geology/hydrology GIS datasets that are available in ArcInfo and ArcView formats. Datasets are separated into four categories: statewide - coverage for the whole state (may be comprised of several datasets), regional based data - coverage for a portion of the state, county based data - coverage for an entire county, and quad based data - coverage for an entire 7.5' quadrangle.

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Subject: Geography:Geospatial, Geoscience:Hydrology:Surface Water, Geoscience:Geology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Collection, Datasets and Tools:Datasets
Special Interest: GIS
Data Derived: Data Derived
Data Source: Observational Data
Science Background Required: Basic scientific background required
Theme: Teach the Earth:Teaching Topics:Water, Teach the Earth:Course Topics:GIS/Remote Sensing, Hydrology/Hydrogeology