Glacial Lake Missoula and the Channeled Scabland
Roy M. Breckenridge 1989 American Geophysical Union Field Trip Guidebook T310

This field trip guidebook is a detailed treatment of the field geology and geomorphology of Glacial Lake Missoula and the Spokane Floods. Seven field trips, published as separate chapters, follow the course of the floods from Missoula, Montana to Portland, Oregon. Topics include sedimentary evidence for multiple drainages in the upper part of glacial Lake Missoula (including glaciolacustrine sediments), giant current ripples in Camas Prairie, ice damming near the Clark Fork, the late Wisconsin ice termini of the Purcell Trench, the major flood outburst in the Rathdrum Prairie, as well as erosional and depositional effects further downstream in the Spokane Valley, the Channeled Scablands, and the Columbia River Valley. An extensive list of references is also included.

ISBN 0-87590-619-2
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