Thinking Quantitatively about Science
James Rutherford 1997 in Why Numbers Count. Quantitative Literacy for Tomorrow's America, L.A. Steen (Ed.) College Entrance Examination Board, New York, NY

Abstract for "Why Numbers Count": The computer-driven age is here. Those who are not quantitatively literate may find themselves in a new underclass. To be effective, education today must be based on relevant, real-world situations. What actions should educators take? What exactly is "quantitative" literacy in today's world? And how can we foster it among those w ho do not currently possess it? This new book presents essays from distinguished professionals in a variety of fields who use quantitative information in their work and everyday lives. Their varied suggestions range from better training in modeling and statistics to calls for a complete reform of the K-12 curriculum.

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Subject: Education
Special Interest: Quantitative
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