Integrating the Teaching of Quantitative Skills Across the Geology Curriculum in a Department
R.H. Macdonald, C.M. Bailey 2000 Journal of Geoscience Education v. 48, n. 4, p. 482-486

Abstract: One approach to teaching quantitative skills to all students in a department is to construct a matrix of the desired quantitative skills versus courses in the departmental curriculum. Faculty members complete the matrix by listing the assignments in each course that build each particular skill and then design activities or assignments that either fill a gap or more fully develop a skill or application. Faculty members discuss the matrix on a regular basis to report progress and challenges, share ideas with each other, and plan future directions. This iterative process enhances the quantitative skills of students by incorporating quantitative activities and problems throughout the geoscience curriculum. When some quantitative work is included in every departmental course, students recognize that quantitative tools are important in the geosciences. Communication, cooperation, and planning at the department level and regular reviews of the matrix are key aspects for developing quantitative skills across the departmental curriculum.

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