Ch'ooshgai doo Tsezhiin 'ii' ahi: The Chuska Mountains, Defiance Plateau, and Navajo Volcanic Field
Steven C. Semken October 2002 Western Slope Intercollegiate Field Conference v14 p1-33

This is the guidebook from the Fourteenth Annual Western Slope Field Geologic Conference. The guidebook covers the geology of the Chuska Mountains region of the central Colorado Plateau, which crosses several major monoclines from the San Juan Basin on the east to the Deviance Plateau on the west. The book focuses on the stratigraphy exposed by the Laramide uplift and subsequent erosion, and on the mid-Tertiary Navajo Volcanic Field. Also examined is the unusual igneous petrology of several Navajo Volcanic Field centers, as well as their diverse structures and volcanic features.

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