A Science-in-the-Making Course for Non-Science Majors
Deborah Tolman 1999 Journal of College Science Teaching v 29, n 1, p 41

This article outlines projects that, in a broad context, facilitate teaching the scientific method to nonscience majors in Portland State University's Natural Science Inquiry (NSI) classes. Students interpret scientific concepts and data to tackle scientific, ethical, political, and social issues, breaking away from lecture style science classes and engaging themselves more in their science education. The course description is broken down into three parts, (1) Making Knowledge Claims, (2) Critically Analyzing Information, and (3) Frame a Problem, Observe, Inquire, Infer and Substantiate an Inference, in order to illustrate the inquiry process's timetable and emphasis. Methods for student assessment and evidence of the success of the inquiry method are included.

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