International Journal of Astrobiology

Cambridge Journals Online (CJO), Cambridge University Press

The International Journal of Astrobiology is a new journal which acts as an important forum for practitioners in the exciting interdisciplinary field of astrobiology. Coverage includes cosmic prebiotic chemistry, planetary evolution, the search for planetary systems and habitable zones, extremophile biology and experimental simulation of extraterrestrial environments, life detection in our solar system and beyond, intelligent life and societal aspects of astrobiology. A notable feature of the journal is the global distribution of its authors. Recently published authors have included Sir Martin Rees, Paul Davies, Seth Shostak, Frank Tipler, and Freeman Dyson. A subscription is required to view most articles.

Subject: Biology:Astrobiology, Microbiology
Resource Type: Scientific Resources:Bibliography, Collection, Overview/Reference Work, Research Results
Grade Level: Graduate/Professional, College Upper (15-16), College Lower (13-14)
Topics: Biosphere:Microbiology, Astrobiology