Using Interactive Lecture Demonstrations to Create an Active Learning Environment
David Sokoloff, Ronald K. Thornton 1997 The Physics Teacher v. 35, p. 340-346

This paper reports on a general strategy for making the learning environment in large (and small) lectures more effective by increasing student involvement. Researchers have used and evaluated the effectiveness of Microcomputer-Based Interactive Lecture Demonstrations (ILDs) in introductory physics lectures since 1989 and have found them to be very successful for teaching physical concepts. In this paper the general ILD procedure is described and specific examples of ILDs which enhance learning of kinematics and Newton's Laws are presented. There is strong evidence for significantly improved learning and retention of fundamental concepts by students who participate in ILDs as compared to those taught in traditional lectures. Readers can obtain the complete paper from the Center for Science and Mathematics Teaching at Tufts University.

An abstract is available online as well as instructions to obtain the full text of the paper.

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