Effects of potential geothermal development in the Corwin Springs Known Geothermal Resources Area, Montana, on the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park
Michael L. Sorey, editor 1991 USGS Water Resources Investigation no.91-4052

This USGS Water Resources Investigation sought to determine if the use and development of geothermal water near Gardiner, MT could adversely affect Mammoth Hot Springs within Yellowstone National Park. This investigation covers geologic, hydrologic, geochemical and geophysical methods of researching the flow of groundwater in this area. The study concluded that small-scale use of geothermal water from the Corwin Springs area would pose no threat to Mammoth Hot Springs. However if large-scale geothermal development were to occur, that could create a change in groundwater flow paths which might result in an impact to Mammoth Hot Springs.

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