Black Rocks Protruding Up: The Navajo Volcanic Field
Steven Semken 2003 Geology of the Zuni Plateau: New Mexico Geological Society Guidebook v54 p133-138

This article in Geology of the Zuni Plateau provides information about the mid-Tertiary age volcanoes, dikes and sills of the Navajo volcanic field on the Colorado Plateau. Topics include volcanism on the Navajo Nation, petrology of the igneous rocks, xenoliths, geochronology of the igneous rocks, and stories and ethnogeology of the Navajo volcanic field. Also included are a location map of the Navajo volcanic field, and figures that illustrate Maar-diatreme volcanism and comparative exhumation of the Ship Rock, West Sonsela Butte and Narbona Pass volcanoes.

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