Bioinformatics in the Biology Classroom

Kathleen M. Gabric,

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This educational journal article addresses the implementation of bioinformatics in the classroom. The author explains how bioinformatics could play a key role for science students pursuing higher education, foster inquiry learning of content that has often been taught in a dry manner, provide the thread that ties classes together, improve biology teaching, enhance the learning of biotech issues and ethics, expose students to real-world science, and significantly help to reform biology teaching and improve learning. The article includes links to bioinformatics resources, information about how to get involved in bioinformatics, and a glossary of terms.

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Subject: Biology:Evolution:Bioinformatics, Biology:Microbiology
Resource Type: Pedagogic Resources:Overview/Summary
Grade Level: College Lower (13-14), High School (9-12)
Topics: Biosphere:Microbiology, Evolution:BioinformaticsKeywords: inquiry-based learning, problem solving, pedagogy